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LL - Untitled Xmas LL - Untitled Xmas

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that made sense!!!

Stalin Movie Stalin Movie

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best movie ever. thank you.

Dj-MnM responds:

thanks dude but i think you over rated it a bit too much

ATTN: Socom Squad ATTN: Socom Squad

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Haha I have to say, this is one of the most original versions of snake I have ever seen! I it when users take an old game and crank it up to be newer and more updated, and I think I can say that this game has certainly succeeded in doing that! It has a few tweaks and improvements that could be made, but not bad at all.....
First off, graphics. There really isn't much to complain about here at all, on the whole I liked the looks of the game graphically, it seemed much more new and updated than the old version of Snake. I loved the whole look and layout of the levels, you managed to create the game to look very much 3D, even though when you look closely you se it is not. But I'm the wolf let me in, let the party begin, and that's what impresses me because the game looks graphically good and in some ways supplies us with 'eye-candy'. I also that you had used what looked like a 'rayman' style for the graphics of the game - you collected balls and the snake consisted of a head and a number of spheres, with the spheres decreasing in size as the snake went along for that extra realism. This made the game a little less 'intense' like its predecessor and gave it a more happy and enjoyable mood, the looks of the snake and your surroundings gave me a chuckle a few times because the game had very much a 'slapstick' feel to it. However, I feel that the squares were a little too plain. Granted, you varied in the colour of squares and added in a few hazards in each level; but the basic template was still the same and I felt that each level was still in some way similar to the last. For example, how about including different environments for the game? Such as a snowy one where you travel around on ice. You could also take away the squares for an extra challenge on some levels; but I do appreciate that they help an awful lot in whether you win or lose this game, which is why you could have different surfaces but still faint squares underneath them.
Next, sounds. Nothing much to suggest here really. I loved the different music for each level, each tune had a very happy feel to it and gives off the impression that this is a game that can be enjoyed by all. I also loved the crowd sounds for when you lost or won, and also the various noises of hazards and so on.
Finally, game-play. Definitely the main cake of the game. I anticipated good game-play from this form the minute I pressed that 'play button' - and that's exactly what you gave me. I was surprised to see that the game-play seemed at times a far cry from that old classic we all know; instead of that familiar 'birds-eye' play, you had adopted an entirely different one of travelling around a grid. This may be drawing the game closer away from it's ancestor, but I felt that It gave the game a whole new challenge of its own and just gives that dusty old version more excitement. The controls weren't exactly easy, but they also weren't entirely difficult either. I like this method of moving around because it adds originality to the game, and if you took that away you would be taking away the challenge. Speaking of challenge, this game definitely has a lot of it. I was surprised at how hard the levels were, and even on the first level collecting the balls on time was hard, and also the different hazards on each level added to the replay value. I am impressed at how much you have given snake a well-needed update and yet still keeping the main game-play feel to it. I was a little disappointed that the snake did not grow after each blob collected though, and I feel you should do this just to add to the extra excitement, and the passwords were hard to remember since they were in numbers. Perhaps letters spelling out a word for each level password would be better?
Overall, a version of 'Snake' with more bite, originality and challenge than ever before. It's amazing how much a game can change for the better, yet still resemble its original roots. Well done, and I hope you found my suggestions helpful :)

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huge review